Sora and this posse will be visiting a brand new world in Kingdom Hearts III, the world of Big Hero 6. Revealed at Disney D23 Expo, we learned that Big Hero 6’s San Fransokyo will make its debut in Kingdom Hearts III.

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Big Hero 6The story that will take place will be set after the events of the film that follows a 14-year-old boy and his team of superheroes as they faced off against a masked villain. Baymax and Sora will team up to take down the Heartless that have invaded the city and transformed into robot-like creatures of the darkness.

Disney have commented on the game’s collaboration stating that both stories touch on the elements of “friendship and light against darkness“. This, making it the perfect collaboration.

Although we have no release date, or even release window for Kingdom Hearts III, it is nice to see that the game is expanding past its previous worlds into greater territory. Kingdom Hearts III  is set for release sometime in the future for Xbox One and PS4.