Creative director and freelance illustrator, Josh Lynch, has created a collection called Dogs of the Marvel Universe and these pups are perfect.


Marvel Dogs 12

Lynch is currently displaying the Dogs of the Marvel Universe at his gallery called Behance. Some of his other pieces include a gangster Yoda as well as a cool Marvel collection. He obviously has a thing for geek culture so we instantly became fans. This dog collection has to be my personal favourite because he just nails the breed and superhero combination to create such an adorable and strangely accurate picture. My favourite superhero is definitely French Bulldog Wolverine – I mean, he is so cute and geeky AND he is smoking a cigar so he thinks he’s people. Pug Dr. Octopus is pretty amazing too and I love his sunglasses. The details are really cool and he perfectly capture the personality of each superhero and combines it with the perfect pooch.

Take a look at the rest of Josh Lynch’s collection and drop us a comment with your favourite Marvel dogs: