Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the latest title in the Metal Gear saga. Developed by Kojima Productions, in partnership with Konami, the game serves as a sequel to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and takes place 9 years after the ending of Ground Zeroes.

Take note that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is not a sequel to Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots, rather it takes place after Peace Walker, and before the original Metal Gear story line

  • 1964 – Snake Eater
  • 1970 – Portable Ops
  • 1974 – Peace Walker
  • 1975 – Ground Zeroes
  • 1984 – The Phantom Pain
  • 1995 – Metal Gear
  • 1999 – Solid Snake
  • 2005 – Metal Gear Solid
  • 2007/09 – Sons of Liberty
  • 2014 – Guns of the Patriots
  • 2016/18 – Rising: Revengeance

In the aftermath of the event from Ground Zeroes, and the destruction of the MSF, Big Boss falls into a coma for 9 years. Upon awakening he forms an alliance with the Diamond Dogs, adopting a new name “Venom Snake”. He makes his way into Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War to track down Cipher, the main responsible for the attack on the MFS, but after realizing that the Cipher Organization are developing a weapon that could even surpass the Metal Gear system, Big Boss “Venom Snake” has much more on his plate than he intended.

Following in the trend of Ground Zeroes, the Phantom Pain will feature an open world to explore, and massive areas to infiltrate when you are on a mission. Set in Afghanistan, in a dry and mountain area, diving into bushes and using the hills as cover will help you get to your objective faster, and without being detected.

The game will feature a full day and night cycle, in real-time, and starting a mission at night will have its disadvantages and advantages. Example, at night it is harder for enemies to see you, but you will encounter spotlight almost at ever turn.

Snake will have a large collection of guns and gadgets to help him along the way. Using binoculars to scout the area for enemies, weapons, and even modes of transportation. The game does recommend that players progress through it without killing anyone, and rather take them down using non-lethal attacks, and stunning techniques that accompany weapons.

While on missions, the enemies will slowly learn your approach. If you stay with the non-lethal approach they will slowly use new techniques and equipment to track you down and prevent you from approaching a mission the same way again. For example, if you stun them in the head with the tranquilizer pistol, then they will start to wear helmets that make it harder for you to repeat that same action.

Using your D-Horse as the main mode of transportation. Snake will explore the desert lands and even by pass security checkpoints by hanging off the side of the horse not visible by guards. Ninja skill – unlimited.

Similar to Peace Walker, Snake will be in charge of developing new weapons and equipment by upgrading Mother Base, the main stronghold of the Diamond Dogs. You can explore Mother base while not in a mission, and even take a shower if you are full of blood, cleaning up and look all fresh. Mother Base will be the hub of all communication, and will be vital to the success of the Diamond Dogs.

Metal Gear Solid: V The Phantom Pain has taken everything we love from a Metal Gear game and turned into one big open world experience. If you do not feel like progressing in the main storyline, then take on the missions and explore the world, or open your iDroid, and upgrade your Mather Base

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain releases on 1 September on PS3, Ps4, Xbox 360, PC, and Xbox One. Stay tuned for our full review closer to the launch.