The Nintendo NX, Nintendo‘s so-called upcoming console that is said to be revealed next year and bring about Nintendo’s next generation of gaming.

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So far we know very little of the console, which is mysterious as normally we would know a bit more by now. But is seems that Nintendo is trying to keep things as on the down-low as possible. However, we do live in the Age of the Internet. A patent filed over the weekend, which was of course leaked over on Neogaf and shows that Nintendo’s next gaming console might not come with a disc slot at all.

Nintendo NX 1

This could mean nothing right now as most patents are edited multiple times before being finalised, but if Nintendo is going down the road of disc-free gaming, then we might have an issue on our hands in South Africa as we are still a physical based market. Maybe Nintendo are planning to release more than one model? We will just have to wait and see.

Nintendo NX 2