We all hate Xur, the weekly shop steward that appears somewhere in the Destiny world every Friday at 11:00am, and brings along some exotic armour and one exotic weapon. We hate him because close to February this year all his equipment and items we all owned. Today Xur broke the internet and brought one of the rarest weapons in the game, the Gjallahorn.

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The Gjallahorn is the most prized rocket launcher in the game and players just fail to obtain it when completing activities that have a drop chance for the gun. The chance of getting a Gjallahorn is probably around 3%. It took me seven months of daily playing to get one, and I know some players who have been playing since day one who still do not own it.

Well this weekend only, from now until Sunday 16 August, you can run to Xur, located in the lounge in the Tower, near the loading docks, and grab it. The Gjallahorn will set you back 17 Strange Coins, but go ahead and buy 3 of them for each character.

Want to know how rare this weapon is? Well, watch these lunatics go absolutely bonkers over finding one:

*Warning* Some foul language may occur.