Naspers officially launched its video on-demand service, ShowMax, in South Africa this week and it has some pretty ambitious goals, aiming to be:

Africa’s video on-demand powerhouse blending local knowledge and international expertise to give an unparalleled video entertainment experience.


ShowMax joins other local streaming services like Time’s Media’s Vidi and MTN’s FrontRow that live-stream series and movies to your devices via the internet. The new service from Naspers will be offering more than 10 000 hours of international and local movies and series from major and indie production studios.


The service will be available to anyone who has an internet connection and a smart device. So you don’t need a decoder or satellite dish like you do for DStv’s BoxOffice. All you need to do is access the website and register to enjoy full series like Game of Thrones, Californication and Downton Abbey and movies like Scarface, Mr. Bones and The 40-Year Old Virgin. This new service from Naspers even has That’s So Raven and The Terminator, which is pretty cool. It also boasts some local movies and series like Egoli: Place of Gold, Taxi to Soweto, Die Casper Rasper Show, Lipstick Dipstick, Heidi, Brakenjan is Terug and many more.


By now you’re probably wondering how much money you will need to fork out for this service? ShowMax has a pretty interesting subscription service setup, with two options available:

  1. Free subscription: Limited amount of content;
  2. R99 p/m: Unlimited access to all the movies and series on the site.

New users will be able to use the service for free for a 7 day trail period before committing to a paid version or opting to rather use the free version.