Admit it, we are all gamers deep down somewhere, and we all love to get our gaming sessions on no matter if it is on our phones, tablets, PCs, or dedicated gaming devices. I have made a list of the best portable gaming devices around and why you should be playing on them.

PS Vita

PS Vita

  • Battery: +/- 6 Hours
  • Screen Size: 5-inch
The PS Vita boasts a 5-inch touch screen, OLED, or LED depending on the model. It also has dual analogues for the best first person shooter experiences. The handheld makes use of the touch screen in almost every title, use it to solve puzzles on certain games, throw grenades on others, or even just explore the operating system.
With PlayStation Plus, the PS Vita gets monthly titles for free. You can also make use of the Remote Play feature to stream your PS4 straight to the device, eliminating those game-less evenings because your house guest decides to watch NCIS re-runs on your TV.

Games you can get

Killzone Mercenary


Gravity Rush

Uncharted: The Golden Abyss

Nintendo 3DS/2DS/”new” 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

  • Battery: +/- 6 Hours
  • Screen Size: 4.88-inch top/4.18-inch bottom – 3DS XL
  • Screen Size: 3.53-inch top/ 3.02-inch bottom – 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has the best game library out of all the portable gaming devices. It boasts great Mario titles, and some rather spectacular third-party titles too.

The line-up is not the only thing that makes it fantastic, the new model of the Nintendo3 DS XL and standard 3DS boasts a new analogue nub, making those games that required two analogues, easier to play.

Games you can get

Super Mario 3D Land

Fire Emblem: Awakening


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


Apple Gaming

  • Battery: +/- 6 Hours iPad
  • Battery: +/- 4 Hours iPhone
  • Screen Size: 3.5-inch – iPhone 4/4S
  • Screen Size: 4-inch – iPhone 5/5S
  • Screen Size: 4.7-inch – iPhone 6
  • Screen Size: 5.5-inch – iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has a great App Store, you seldom find crappy apps and games on it that are only looking for a quick buck. Be it on an iPhone, or iPad, the games on iOS are great.

Thanks to Apple’s Metal Engine, the exclusive titles not only look fantastic, but also run smoothly and at the same time use less battery. Sure it is only a touch screen experience, but most of the games feel right using that mechanic, and anything that requires more, often does not make the cut as a great iOS game.

Games you can get

Plunder Pirates

Infinity Blade


Fates Forever


Android Gaming

  • Battery: +/- 6 hours – Tablet
  • Battery: +/- 5 hours – Phone
  • Screen Size: 3.5-inch – 10.1-inch


The GooglePlay Store boasts support across hundreds of device models and is the biggest open platform app store in the world, allowing any developer to upload games and apps.

With that in mind, this allows for a bigger selection of games, although not all of them are stellar, they are plenty. Android even has the ability to download emulators, enabling the user to download classic Nintendo Gameboy Advanced games and play them on their Android device.

Games you can get

 Plants Vs Zombies 2

Clash of Clans

Asphalt 8

Dead Trigger

What do I chose?

I am a Nintendo 3DS fan all the way. Although I own a PS Vita, and iPhone and Galaxy Tab, the 3DS offers some pretty great gaming experiences true to the Nintendo brand. Pokémon is always fun to play, Monster Hunter is great, and most of the Mario titles are fantastic.

Nintendo 3DS