If you thought that you pay way too much for your cellphone, then think again. These smartphones are the most expensive in the world, not because they can do anything better than yours, but because they just are way too sparkly and shiny for your pocket. Here are the world’s most expensive phones.

Savelii Jardin Secret -Starting $9,000

savelli cover

In an attempt to launch high-end phones targeting rich females, the Jadrin Secret collection are a collection of 12 different Android devices. Iguana leather, 18-kratat gold, ceramic, and diamonds are all packed into the design of the phones. The most glamorous of them all is the 18-karat rose gold Champagne Diamonds model, that consists of 395 white and cognac diamonds.

Tag Heuer Meridiist – $5,000


The watch maker can make glamorous phones too. The Meridiist phone is pretty small, with a screen of 2.4-inches, but the cost is pretty high due to the device’s sapphire display, and diamond back, all placed between a stainless steel frame.

Black Diamond iPhone 5 – $15,800,000


The iPhone is a pricey phone, but I do not feel that bad about spending over R10,000 on a phone after seeing this. The Black Diamond iPhone has 600 flawless white diamonds lining the edge of the phone and make up the Apple logo at the back, but that is not why it is so expensive. The Black Diamond that is placed on the phone’s home button is the main addition to this pricey device.

Tonino Lamborghini Antares -$4,000


If you thought the cars were gorgeous, and pricey, the Tonino Lamborghini Antares is the equivalent of the car in your pocket. The phone has a 0.53-inch stainless steel and leather chassis, with a 4-inch Gorilla Glass display. The design of the phone goes hand in hand with the cars, elegant and fierce at the same time, oh, and pricey too.

Gold HTC One -$4,400


No, your gold iPhone 6 is not really gold, it is just coloured gold, this HTC One is real gold. With only 5 of these around the world, this R40 000 hone has a 18-karat plating around the device. Internally is does not boast any benefits, but externally it is very sexy. Who said “it’s on the inside that counts?”

Cecil the Lion HTC One M9 – $1,500

gsmarena_001 (1)

After all the controversy over the last few weeks, Goldgenie saw an opportunity to rake in some cash and designed this limited edition Cecil the Lion HTC One M9 phone. The phone is 24-karat gold and has an image of Cecil the Lion laser engraved on the back of it.