The world-wide video and text communication program has more to offer than you think. There are ways to make the most out of your Skype experience and increase your chatting productivity be it on the desktop of on the web. Here are some tips and tricks for Skype.

Edit Last Message


Made a typo on your last message, or sent the wrong text to the wrong person? You can delete it completely and even edit it if you want.

Simple press the “Up Arrow Key” on your keyboard and you will bring the last text your sent into the text bar. You can now edit the text and resend it. The recipient will not get two texts, only see the edited one.

You can right-click on the text once sent too and select the “edit text” option.

Hide the “Other Person is Typing” Sign

If you want to remove the typing indicator so that other users will not be able to see when you are typing, you can. This will prevent users from seeing when you are tying or deleting something in your text bar.

Click on Tools > Options > IM & SMS > Click on the IM Settings Window > Show Advanced Options > Untick “Show when I am Typing”

Access More Emoticons


There are a couple of Emoticons that can be used on Skype that are not listed in the gallery for some reason. To use these you will need to type in the word from it in between one of these brackets “()”

For Example

Talking – (talk)

Poolparty – (poolparty)

Bug – (bug)

Confidential – (confidential)

Malthe (malthe)

What’s Going On – (whatsgoingon)

For a full list of hidden, and unhidden emoticons, visit the Skype Page

Pause Animated Emoticons

If you are over these emoticons and are so tired of seeing them jumping around (I have no idea why you would be) but if you are, you can turn the animations off.

Simple head over to Tools > Options >IM  & SMS > IM Appearance > uncheck “Show Animated Emoticons” or “Show Emoticons” if you want to kill the poor little buggers off completely.

Access Skype from the Web, and Smartphone Web browser


If you happen to end up with a phone that does not have the Skype app installed, or happen to sit at a PC without it, you can still get the full Skype experience without any downloading.

Visit the Skype Web Page, and log into the site. Now that you are in you can use the web browser as a platform for Skype. Send messages, make calls and get on with your chats.

Another route is to log into Since the whole “Microsoft buying out Skype” back then, they have incorporated it into their web Outlook site and you can type out emails, sort your inbox, and send Skypes all at the same time.

Backup and restore all your contacts

Skype Tips and Tricks

You can easily back up your Skype contacts from one account and import them into another.

Simply click on Contacts > Advanced > Backup Contact File.

This will now save all your contacts into a universal .vcf file on your PC.

You can now import them into another Skype account. Simply click on Contacts > Advanced > Restore Contacts form File. Navigate to the location where you saved that .vcf file, and it will restore them back into you new account.