YouTube has launched their own dedicated “Twitch” platform today. YouTube Gaming will focus mainly on live streams as it aims to take over the world as the number one streaming platform. This is probably due to the fact that Google was interested in buying out Twitch from Amazon who purchased it last year for $970 million, but Google failed to acquire it.


Gaming content is extremely popular on YouTube and YouTube Gaming will make it easier for you to watch your favourite gaming personalities at their best, instantly.


It does not end there though, as YouTube Gaming will be home to all current gaming content be it recorded or live. So it will basically be your hub for walkthroughs, trailers, cheats, and everything gaming related. YouTube was already home to the gaming world’s content, so it makes sense to have a separate, dedicated gaming platform.

Personally streaming does not interest me at all, but I am forever looking for trophy guides, video game unboxings, and trailers, so this will be great. You are also able to personalise your own playlist and content to what you watch and enjoy, eliminating those YouTube Gaming personalities that you just can’t stand off your list of videos.

What makes YouTube Gaming great is that it has a DVR mode which will automatically record the last four hours of the stream. This means that if you are watching something and have to run, then you can rewind back to the parts that you missed.

You can visit YouTube Gaming by visiting the website, or you can download the app for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Only the Android version is live at the time of writing this post.