Most of you should be on iOS 9 by now, as it has been out for a few days and your iPhone or iPad should have alerted you to the software update. If you are running iOS 9  we have some great 10 hidden iOS features that we’ve discovered while using the mobile OS, these range from productivity enhancements to just all-round great features.

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Zoom in on Videos

iOS 9 Features

You can now zoom in when viewing videos on your iPhone. This applies for both videos that you’ve recorded, and videos that you have synced across from iTunes. All you need to do is pinch to zoom in while the video is playing. This is something that Android has had for ages now and it is nice to finally have it on iOS.

Select Multiple Photos fast

iOS 9 Features

Instead of tapping on every photo you want to select, you can tap and hold and drag your finger along the photos that you want to select. This helps if you have a few hundred photos that you really hate and want to bulk delete.

Spotlight Calculator

iOS 9 Features

You can now work out mathematic solutions straight from the Spotlight search. All you need to do is swipe down from anywhere on your home screen to pull up the Spotlight search, then type in your equation and it will give you your answer.

Control iPhone rotation with mute button

Previously only available on iPad, you can now use your iPhone mute button to control if you device will rotate while in landscape mode or not. Head on over to Settings > General > Lock Rotation.

Swipe Down on a photo to dismiss it

iOS 9 Features

As iPhones screen get bigger, it is harder to reach the top corners of the phone. Now instead of pressing the ‘back” button when viewing a photo, you can swipe down to dismiss it and move on. This is similar to the Facebook and Twitter mobile apps.

Turn flash on/off while recording a video

This might seem a bit strange as a new feature, but previously when recording a video you could not turn the flash on and off while doing so. Well, now you can. Simply start a video recording and then tap the flash button to turn it on and off while you are busy recording.

Save Attachments from Mail straight to iCloud Drive

iOS 9 Features

If you want to save an attachment that  you received on your mail so that you can access it anywhere, then simply hold down on it in your mail app, now you will see the option that says ‘Save Attachment’.

iCloud Drive

Now you can manage all your iCloud content thanks to the built in app. The App is not visible by default so you will have to enable it. You can enable it by navigating to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and tapping on ‘Show on Home Screen’.

Audio App Suggestions

iOS 9 Features

When you plug in a headset or connect your device to a Bluetooth speaker, an audio suggestion will be given to you on your lock screen at the bottom right hand corner. You can swipe this up to access the appropriate app instantly.

‘Search on Page’ and ‘Request Desktop Site’ has moved

iOS 9 Features

One rather frustrating thing about Safari was its terrible placing of the “Request Desktop Site” and “Search on Page” when browsing the next. Thankfully it has now been moved to the Share button instead of pulling down the webpage and clearing the web address to search.