Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom pain is out (finally) and I cannot get enough of it, so much that I want you to get into it as soon as possible. To help you with your beginning parts of the game, I have tallied 5 very important things to do first. Stick with me, I will guide you!

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Save the Interpreter

At first you might seem a bit confused with the native tongue in Afghanistan, enemies might plan to take you down and shoot you in the head and you will have no clue what is coming. You can learn the language and understand what they are saying if you save the interpreter. For each new location in the game there is one which enables subtitles of the enemies when they are talking.


The missions named “extract the interpreter” will help you with that. Once you have completed these missions, talk over the enemies radios will be subtitled, and interrogating enemies with stealth will reveal options to get them to show off items and clues on your map.

Upgrade Tranquilizer Weapons

The Phantom Pain’s currency is a cycle, you hire new enemies by tranquilizing them and sending them back to the base, and they help you unlock more upgrades for you weapons. The more enemies you send back to Mother Base by knocking them out with your tranquilizer weapon, the faster you will be able to unlock new tranquilizer weapons and upgrades.


Do not kill any enemies for the first couple of missions after you unlock the Fulton device, just shoot them, tie them up and send them home. Stick with this for a while and you will have new tactical tools and weapons in no time.

Replay Missions to max out objectives

Each mission might look like they have one main objective, but they have a few of them. While playing through the main missions you might discover the extra objectives which might be “destroy the anti-air radar” or “eliminate the target from 100m away”. But if you do not discover these, then they will be visible after the mission is complete, allowing you to replay them for full completion.

Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain

Not only is it is great to have everything done 100%, but it’s great for GMP very early in the game. You will also get double the Fulton captures, and might find some extra resources that you might have missed before.

Use those Binoculars

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is more about stealth and planning your route into the enemies base. Using your binoculars you can scan the area ahead from a vantage point and highlight enemies, weapons, and even vehicles that you can use.

Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain

If you see a mortar ahead, then scan it so that when you are near you can fire that up and low those soldiers away. Later on you can even use the Fulton to strap up vehicle and containers of materials and send them back to base. Scanning these ahead of time will make it easier to find once you are down below in the base.

Start developing soon

Mother Base is your home for everything in the game, and it is important to keep your staff and your equipment on a continual cycle. After every mission, make sure to upgrade your weapons, purchase new ones, and see what else is available to research.

Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain

Once you reach certain spot, you will get the opportunity to upgrade your development base, increasing the amount of staff you can have in each area, ultimately unlocking new weapons and research abilities . Keep in mind that you need materials like fuel resources, certain plants, and more to build new Mother Base operations, so always collect them when you see them. You can also purchase building materials with GMP if you are short.