We all hate using our data, and I personally hate getting kicked from my online gaming sessions because my Wi-Fi signal is low. But there are a few ways to help improve your Wi-Fi coverage in your house by following these tips.

Before we get going

  •  Know what size house you are trying to cover. Obviously a mansion will not be covered completely by one measly Netgear N300 router.
  • 5GHz for the win! Seriously, 2.4Ghz is so 2010. 5GHz, a.k.a 802.11ac, routers offer better speed and coverage for your money.
  • Check what is connected to your modem. You might have your neighbour downloading torrents all day and you have no clue. It is wise to switch up you password every now and then to avoid people taking advantage of your device.

It is all about Placement

Placing your router is vital to your coverage. Keep it central in your household so that you can access it wherever you are.

Place your router on a flat surface on a table and pretty much as high as it could be on that table. Not on the roof, and not on the floor, the signal will go nowhere then.

Wifi Coverage

Watch out for object that surround your router, if it is placed next to other electronics, then these will interfere with the output of your signal and it will carry through to the rest of the house.

Replace Antenna

You could always pick up a larger antenna at an electronic store if you feel like yours is too small, I mean, size does matter anyway and the bigger the better output.

TP-Link TL-WDR4900 N900 Wireless N Dual Band Tri-Antenna Gigabit Router 03

Make sure to purchase the correct one though as many of the larger ones use a different attachment method.

Get an Extender

If you know that your modem is not providing the adequate coverage, then you might need to pick up an extender. These connect to your modem either through a LAN connection, or through the actual Wi-Fi signal. They then output the Wi-Fi  signal in the room that they are placed in.
Wireless-N WiFi Range Extender OR Repeater Long Range Wifi Booster MAIN IMAGE-zoom
W-Net Wireless-N Wi-Fi Extender – R395
If you have a large house or a double story, then you can place one extender downstairs or on the other side of the house. Your router will provide enough coverage on one end, and your extender on the other.

Upgrade your firmware

Many routers have the ability to upgrade their firmware. These firmware upgrades help to squash bugs, and improve connectivity across your devices.


Check your device manual to see if your router can be upgraded through its device management page.

Disconnect unwanted devices

Get rid of those devices that might be overworking your router. If you are on your laptop, disconnect your Smart TV from the Wi-Fi. This will not only improve your signal, but it will also help with your internet speed as the device you disconnect could be downloading in the background.


What is Wi-Fi?

In case you wanted more, here is a handy video showing off exactly how Wi-Fi works and how you can improve yours easily.