Destiny has been updated with the highly anticipated patch 2.0, and there are a few things new to do this week to keep us busy until Destiny: The Taken King releases next week Tuesday (15 September 2015). Here are a few things that you should tackle as soon as you get into the latest update.

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You can test out the brand new Taken King weapons right now! Head on over to the Gunsmith and “rent” the new weapons. When I say “rent” I mean take them for a while and kill a whole bunch of enemies and other guardians using them.

Destiyn The Taken King


Destiyn The Taken King

This week only, you can not own any Taken King pre-order or content, and still play all 8 brand new maps in the Crucible, for real. You can also try your hand at Rift, a brand new mode that sees you stealing an orb from a spawn location, running around with it, and dunking it into your opponent’s score box. Yes like Basketball, but just with guns.

Auto rifles

Guess what? Auto-rifles have been buffed making them useful again. I felt this straight away when I decided to use my Monte Carlo for the first time in forever. Get your exotic auto-rifles, level them up, you will not regret it.

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Item Collection

Feel free to dismantle any unused exotic weapons and armour in the vault as the new collections vendors scattered around the tower will be there whenever you need them again. As long as you have received an emblem, shader, weapon, ship, or piece of gear you can go to the correct collection vendor and take it out whenever you want.

Destiyn The Taken King

Most of the new shaders and emblems still need to be unlocked by completing The Taken King’s quests but when you have unlocked them once they will be there all the time for you to pull them out. The same goes for the weapons and gear, although it will cost you an Exotic Shard to withdraw them from the collection.

Mix and match exotic armour

Destiyn The Taken King

As of patch 2.0 most exotic armour now changes colour depending on the shader that you have equipped. Before it would just change a few select pieces of armour, but I am happy to report that I only had one piece on my Titan, and one piece on my Hunter that did not change shade.

We all love looking better than those other Guardians in the tower, so get on mixing and matching your shaders now to see what looks best with what piece of armour. The best things about patch 2.0 and the exotic armour shades, is that the chest armour that takes up most of your guardian’s body can look different.

Buy new shaders

Destiyn The Taken King

Okay, I only realized this today, but our dear patron Eva Levante has a bunch of new shaders. These shaders have the Taken King mark on them so I guess that they are pretty new and should be purchased by anyone who already has the etire collection.

Get a new Ghost

Destiyn The Taken King

I am sure everyone out there is tired of that bland Ghost. I am even tired of looking at my legendary red one for goodness sake. Well now you can purchase new ghosts that have specific stats on them and a skin, rejoice!

Complete all bounties, but do not hand them in, yet

Destiyn The Taken King

Run around like a maniac and get all your bounties done, yes, everything. The new bounty system has some really easy bounties, so this should not be hard. Keep all your bounties so that when the Taken King comes around, you can hand them all in and they will count towards reaching level 40.