So there is a benefit to purchasing the collector’s edition of Metal gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. You would get a Collector’s Disc containing behind the scenes footage of the game as well as a very special alternate Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ending.

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Now normally when you purchase a game it would come with one ending and not two endings depending on what version you purchase, and this issue had fans of the series up in arms. According to players who have completed the game, the ending is not up to scratch. On the other hand players who purchased the Collector’s Edition and completed the game and have watched through the Collector’s Disc and are quite happy with the alternate ending to the game. This is where all the trouble starts.

Fans are petitioning for Kojima and Konami to produce an ending to the game that fans deserve, rather than have to purchase in an over-priced package. The ending which is better than the original and only comes with the Collector’s Edition in the form of a video is live on YouTube. You can watch it but just know it will spoil the rest of the game for you, if you have not completed it that is.

Right now we have no clue if Konami plan on releasing the full ending to everyone, or if it will remain as a Collector’s Edition exclusive. At the end of the day, it is just a video, not like gamers are missing out on any gameplay. Plus it was the scrapped ending, it really has no impact on the game’s true ending which is included in the main game.