It is Friday, and that means that it is the weekend and time to play every game under the sun. We have had some stellar releases over the last two weeks that highlight our list for the weekend. We also have some free titles to grab while you are at it.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain -PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC


After reviewing the game, I cannot get enough of it so I went right back to the beginning of the game and started again. The experience is even better the second time around as Venom Snake tries to stop an evil warmind known as Cipher. Explore the world, maintai9n Mother Base, and sing up goats with the Futon Device and sent them flying across the world. All in a day’s work.

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Grow Home – PS4, PC

Grow Home is currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers so there really is no reason not to boot this one up. As you control BUD through a gorgeous world, you will try and gather resources, and grow plants n order to make it back to your home planet.

Mad Max – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Set in an open world based on the Mad Max film series, set a post-apocalyptic wasteland which features a massive terrains like caves, canyons, and deserts. The might be bases on the Mad Max film series, but this is a standalone story and does not tie into any film directly. If you are looking for intense vehicle based combat, scarp-yard customisation, and a massive world to explore, Mad Max is your game for the weekend.

We will have our Mad Max review up early next week.

Zombie Vikings – PS4

Runner up in the PlayStation Vote to Play competition, Zombie Vikings is inspired by games like Castle Crashers and Rayman as you smash your way through a world drawn from scratch with a unique look and feel. Featuring 4 play couch co-op and a cast like no other. If I were you I would grab this while it is still 30% off on the PlayStation Store