Halo 5:  Guardians is just over a month away, and as we prepare to take on the role of The Master Chief and Spartan Locke in one of the biggest Halo titles to date, we already got a taste of the game during an exclusive preview event that took place last week in London. At the event myself and a bunch of EMEA (I was the only South African representative) press sat down and played through some brand new, never-before-seen footage of two new campaign missions, Blue Team and Enemy Down.

As we at PixelVulture continue to bring you the best in entertainment, this was the perfect opportunity to re-launch our YouTube channel with some exclusive video content of the event. Starting today, we have some campaign footage, with a little bit of feedback of what I thought about what I played. Continuing this week we will have some multiplayer coverage on Arena, and next week we will have some Warzone footage up. But for now, enjoy the exclusive look at the brand new campaign missions on Halo 5: Guardians.

Here are some brand new screenshots of the two missions, pretty cool right?

H5-Guardians-Enemy-Lines-Tanaka H5-Guardians-Enemy-Lines-Potshot H5-Guardians-Enemy-Lines-FP-General-Purpose-03 H5-Guardians-Campaign-Establishing-Blue-Team-Window-Into-The-Deep H5-Guardians-Campaign-Establishing-Blue-Team-Drydocked H5-Guardians-Campaign-Establishing-Blue-Team-Cluttered-Glow H5-Guardians-Campaign-Blue-Team-Spartan H5-Guardians-Enemy-Lines-Vale H5-Guardians-Enemy-Lines-Wraith-Engagement-02