Whether it’s an ad on Twitter or some new viral cat video on Facebook, auto-play videos can be a real pain! The wasted data and unexpected audio playback are reasons enough to stop these annoying videos from automatically playing in your chosen browser. Although you can’t stop all videos, GIFs or ads from playing automatically, you can follow these steps to prevent the majority of them from playing while using Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer:


If you’re using Chrome as your primary browser, there is a very simple way to disable those annoying auto-play videos.

Here’s how:

Type chrome://chrome/settings/content into the URL bar > Plugins > Select Let me choose when to run plugin content > Done


If you’re sick of seeing ads automatically play when you’re using Safari as your browser you can stop auto-play videos in a few easy steps.

Here’s how:

Open Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Select Stop plugins to save power > Done


Open Safari > Preferences > Security > Internet plugins > Website Settings > Block the video media you want > Done

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the easiest browser to prevent videos from automatically playing and you’ll soon be rid of those pesky videos.

Here’s how:

Go to Tools > Safety > Select ActiveX Filtering