The world is packed full of indie games, some great and some not-so great, but to honour the best of the best, we are here to tell you which ones you should totally play in this weekend:


Castle Crashers Remastered

Back in 2008 an indie game released on the Xbox 360 that defined hack and slashing and cute little animated sprites. The game was a hit and went on to win a couple of awards. Well, that game is back, and this time around in full 1080p on the Xbox One. If you happened to purchase the Xbox 360 version of the game, you can download the Xbox One version for absolutely free until 20 September 2015. The best thing about the game is that you can grab a friend and play couch co-op, it’s pretty great.

Super Meat Boy

Before you start this, just make sure you know that us at PixelVulture are not held responsible for any loss or damage that might occur due to this game. Sure you will die a few thousand times on each level, and there will be lots of blood, both Meat Boy’s and the person sitting closest to you, but it will be one bloody-awesome experience.

Grow Home

Free right now on the PlayStation 4 as the Instant Games Collection main title, Grow Home lets you control a half drunk robot as he explores a world in order to gather up resources to take back to his planet. He is hard to control, really frustrating to manage, but it’s light-hearted and will definitely keep you busy for a few hours


Mix up RPG with some sci-fi and you get Transistor. Red is a vigilante in a city taken over by the Process. She must now fight back to end the control over the city of Cloudbank. With her companion who speaks through her sword, Red must use a mixture of strategic turn-based combat, and intense powers to end the Camerata who are chasing her down.

Goat Simulator

Being a goat has never been so ridiculous. Some of you might hate it, and some of you might love it, but Goat Simulator is a real thing, for real. You play as a goat as you go through you everyday life sticking you tongue onto objects and flinging them around the environment because you can. There really is no reason why you should play this game, other than complete boredom.