Instagram has gone through many changes over the years and now this popular platform has grown to 400 million users. It has become a favourite with celebrities, mommy bloggers, cat owners, foodies and peace-sign-showers around the world. But one thing this photo and video sharing platform has been able to avoid is ads, that is until today with the launch of Instagram ads.

Instagram will now be showing you ads from businesses it reckons you are keen on and that are relevant to you. You will for instance see ads from businesses based on the accounts you follow on Instagram and the Instagram images you like and comment on as well as similar information from Instagram’s parent company, Facebook and other websites.

Ads will appear on Instagram feeds like any other pictures shared by the Instagram accounts you follow. There will be two formats, namely:

Square Format

Instagram Ads 1

Landscape Format

Instagram Ads 2

One thing that will be different about the Instagram ads is that the images will have a Sponsored icon at the top-right corner of the image and a call-to-action Learn More button in the bottom-right corner. There will also be carousel ads that will consist of up to 4 images that you can swipe through, which is something entirely new to the Instagram experience where images have always been displayed as single photos in your Instagram feed.

There will also be video ads that play for up to 30 seconds.

If you don’t like one of the Instagram ads that appear in your feed you can hide it by tapping on the Sponsored button at the top-right of the ad > Hide This.

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