LG Display had its IFA 2015 keynote yesterday in Berlin and Dr. Sang Beom Han, CEO and President of LG Display is confident that “OLED will bring revolution to people’s lives“.

LG Display 1

Dr. Han told the audience that we are now living in an era of displays in which we use displays to share information, communicate and “we look into the future and dream about it“. With the emphasise on display becoming increasingly prominent, LG Displays want OLED technology to change the way people view the world.

Dr. Han went on to explain that OLED technology will be able to overcome the limitations of conventional displays as it enhances reality within a dynamic form. What makes OLED superior is its self-emitting light sources which offers light and colour expressions that you have never seen before. Innovative OLED materials have been developed making it flexible and transparent, creating a viewing environment that has never been experienced before. Dr. Han went on to tell the audience that LG Display’s research and development teams are dedicated to bringing OLED displays to other future applications like wearables, home, fashion and room designs.

The IFA 2015 focused heavily on the importance of OLED with “The Father of OLED” Dr. Ching W. Tang commenting:

Without backlight and other auxiliary layers, the OLED display is fundamentally less complicated compared to LCD, and in time less costly to manufacture. I have no doubt, given its advanced features and superior performance –foldable, wearable, flexible and transparent, OLED is the display technology for the next generation.

If you’re still not convinced – Acclaimed movie director Sir Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) proclaimed that OLED technology is the first to ever successfully show perfect black, which creates brilliant colour contrast, enhancing the entire picture quality:

I think this is a game-changer, and I’m happy to say that I would love to have all my films viewed on the revolutionary OLED TV.

LG Display presented several OLED prototypes at IFA keynote event. The company introduced a 111-inch “wave” double-sided display (Vertical Tiling OLED), made out of three attached 65-inch Ultra HD OLED displays.


LG Display 2

LG Display also showed a 55-inch double-sided commercial display with a thickness of approximately 5.3mm, which is thinner than the latest smartphone, and weighing only 12 kilograms, making it suitable to be shown in a variety of locations. In addition, the company presented a 55-inch “wallpaper” OLED display with a thickness of less than 1 millimetre that can instantly be attached to and removed from walls because of its magnetic backing.