Selfies are everything and the LG G4 has one of the best selfie cameras among the current smartphones. The LG G4 selfie camera boasts specs and features like an industry-leading 8MP front-facing camera, gesture shots, Flash mode, Dual Camera and more. If you love taking selfies and you own a beautiful LG G4, we’ve hooked you up with some tips to get the most out of its front-facing camera to rank up some serious likes:


Make Use Of The Features

LG was smart enough not to give us a front-facing 8MP camera without making it useful and practical to take selfies with. Some fun and useful features you can play around with include:

Beauty Shot

By turning on the Flash Mode the camera lens allows more light in, brightening the photo. You will notice a Beauty Shot slyder which is like an instant Photoshop for blemishes, blotches, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, etc. Just be careful if you’re a dude because it could make you look like you’ve slapped some makeup onto your face, so don’t slide it all the way up.


Turn HDR on

Be sure to turn HDR on by tapping on the gear icon in the top right corner to make your selfies appear more detailed. By turning this feature on you prevent your background from being completely dark, while at the same time preventing your face from being washed out.

Use Gestures/Voice Commands

It’s the worst when you’re trying to snap that perfect selfie and you’re finger just can’t reach the touch screen or the back volume button. But luckily you can use a hand gesture and voice commands to snap that perfect shot without pulling a muscle in your finger. Tap on the settings gear in the top right hand corner and turn on Gestures and Voice Commands. The gesture you use is closing your hand into a fist and the voice commands include Smile, Whiskey, LG, Shoot and more.

LG G4 Selfie

Dual Camera

Dual Camera is a fun setting to use and to show people what you’re doing. Tap on mode and select Dual Mode. Be sure to check our background for any embarrassing items before you snap this dual shot.

Edit Features

The key to most good selfies lies in the editing. Not everyone can always look completely flawless and editing is handy to retouch parts of photos we don’t like. By tapping on the  pencil icon at the top of the screen of your LG G4 selfie you’ll be able to edit elements like the brightness of the picture, the colour clarity (which is amazing), filters, contrast, frames, and so much more.