South Africans have been feeling the energy crisis more than ever this year with scheduled load shedding leaving many in the dark. With that in mind, LG Electronics SA (LGESA) want to help you save energy with its energy efficient products, which could help you save up to 30% each month in energy usage. Therefore, using energy efficient appliances could help you save money on your utility bills, while at the same time it helps take some strain off of the already fragile energy grid in South Africa.


So, how do LGESA intend on assisting you in using less power?

LGESA has launched the LG Switched On campaign to help educate consumers about being more energy efficient, with General Marketing Manager at LG Electronics, Thomas van der Linde explaining that:

The campaign highlights energy-saving tips and looks to educate consumers on what certain energy ratings mean, the advantage of energy saving appliances and why it’s important to be energy efficient.

Understanding Energy Ratings

The energy used by appliances are measured in an energy ratings system and then given an energy rating label. An appliance’s energy rating is on a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). A-rated appliances are better for the environment and cost much less to run, taking the strain off of the energy grid.

As explained, by purchasing an appliance with a good energy rating, consumers will be able to lower the power demand and save on energy. However, to ensure that you can make these choices when purchasing appliances consumers need to understand what these ratings mean in terms of saving energy.

LG plan to educate consumers with its LG Switch On campaign as well as the launch of its microsite which aims to give consumers all the relevant information on energy efficiency, energy ratings, new tech and more. The whole point is to highlight ways in which informed purchasing decisions can lead to saving energy, lowering power usage and lowering costs.

What’s more, the microsite will feature some of  LGESA’ newest products, which show that consumers can make smart purchasing decisions without having to sacrifice on functionality and style. For example the LG front loader washing machines, have a A+++ rating due to their direct drive motor. The motor is connected directly behind the drum, resulting in less noise, wear and tear. This means that there is not as much friction and less electricity usage as a result. While the unit is running, the motor creates enough current to continue powering the unit, which helps with energy saving.