Bone Conduction – the method of sending sound waves through your bones into your skull, rather than straight into your ears. I thought it was all a gimmick, some sort of home channel scheme to get us to buy into a new type of product, but after 3 weeks with the Marsboy Headset, I am leaning towards never using earphones again.

Marsboy Bone Conduction

First off, our skulls were not made to play sound through them, so this might sound like some sort of alien technology, but it is not, it works. Not only does it provide you with an open ear to sounds around you, but it’s comfortable and has multiple uses. As for health, the Marsboy Headset eliminates those unhealthy earphones and headphones that are damaging your ears with high-pitched sound waves and extreme volume.


The Marsboy Headset’s primary focus is on being a comfortable device around your head, and it feels good. It’s light, wireless, and has an adjustable strap that can be moved and removed completely to fit any sized head. It connects via Bluetooth to you iPhone or any other device you wish and has voice commands informing you what is going on. The speakers fit snug in front of your ears onto your cheekbones and they are perfectly placed to avoid them falling off or moving.  The back part of the headset moves down the lower part of your head, allowing you to even wear a hat, or a pair of sunglasses at the same time.


It’s a sleek pair of headphones and they are extremely light. At the back you will find the power on/off button, as well as a volume button which doubles up as a fast forward and skip button. There is also a charging port that opens up when you need to charge the battery.

The device boasts a rather neat battery life. I seldom had to charge the headset, and when I did it took about two and a half hours to charge fully, with a 6 hour battery life, depending on how loud my music was and if I was using it as a voice over device. You can answer calls easily thanks to the phone button situated on the right speaker, and pause music instantly with the pause button on the left speaker. Not one feature that you need while listening to music felt inconveniently placed. It is all there all the time and easy to find.

Sound Wise

The Marsboy Headset has some fairly decent sound output. We are talking about sound going through your skull now, so given that, its pretty decent. The sound pads do start to vibrate when you are on close to maxed out volume, but I did not mind about that. The sound cannot replace a pair of Beats, but considering that these are designed of more “on the move”, they provide a pretty good output. Bass was transmitted quite well through the sound pads, with the odd vibration when the beat drops.


Calls are clear and easy to make on the iPhone by holding down the phone button on the left pad. You can access Siri, and command it to play any song you want or call anyone using Sir’s voice commands. It takes a while to get used to the fact that you are speaking to someone on the phone and hearing them, with you ears being open at the same time. Saying that, it is a unique experience that I felt is only believable once experienced.

The box comes bundled with earplugs which I used for a while, but then I lost interest in putting them in every time. This is probably included for those users who want to stick to the isolation of listening to music without hearing what is around you. I did not mind. Talking about isolation, the Marsboy Headset does a great job at isolating sound from those around you. Although not as good as an earphone would isolate it when stuffed into your ear, but we are talking about a healthier, and safer way to listen to music.



I really enjoy the Marsboy Headset, it’s a safer option when driving thanks to its hands-free options, and when listening to music, it provided the closest thing I was going to get from an risky pair of earphones. Sure there are a few kinks that still need to be ironed out like the vibration, and lack of support for a gaming headset replacement as the PS4 does not connect to the device. Overall its asking price of $99 (about R1 400)  is nothing when weighed up against a pair of Beats or Bose headphones that not only rob you blind, but also damage your ears in the long run.

You can get yours here.

Marsboy Bone Conduction Headset Review
LightweightGreat batteryDecent sound outputVersatile
Minor Vibrations on Soundpad
Sound Output80%
Value for Money85%
Reader Rating 1 Vote