Metal Gear Online launches next week and details have been pretty scarce up to now on the game and what it is all about. Luckily I know a thing or two about it that will help you when it comes to getting ready for it.

Starting off

Remember that avatar you created at the beginning of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Yes, the one that has never been seen since? Well, that avatar is your online player, so whatever you did in the beginning with finally show up when you boot up the online portion of the game for the first time. You can edit your avatar and create a new one if you wish, the choice is yours.

There are three character specialities that you can choose from when booting into MGO.


The scout is a balanced class that is good at both combat at recon. A scout will stand back and spot enemies while marking them for your team mates. They are all about sniper and distance kills. If you are into camping, then its okay this time around in MGO, choose the Scout.

Metal Gear Solid Online


Enforce, A.K.A the tank is all about heavy armour, heavy weapons, shields and pure power. They have a high stamina and health stat, meaning they do not go down easily.

Metal Gear Solid Online


The infiltrator is all about close-combat. The move faster and have a major boost in melee attack over the other classes. when combined with camo, the infiltrator goes invisible and can lurk behind enemies for easy takedowns and threats that will reveal the other player’s locations. in a nutshell, the infiltrator is a stealth class. Saying that, it has less health and defence than other classes, so you cannot expect it to withstand much damage.

Metal Gear Solid Online

During each mission it is vital to stay in teams, you can link to a team mate in what is called a “Buddy Link” by saluting them. If you are buddies with another player, then any information between the two of you is shared, ie marking of targets, your buddies aim is represented by a blue laser etc. You can unfriend a buddy by making a new buddy by saluting them at any time.

Metal Gear Solid Online

Mission Types

Once you have your class then its time to jump into a mission. There are various missions available to choose from. One of the main missions to play with friends against an opposing team is a Bounty Hunter mission.

Metal Gear Solid Online

The Bounty Hunter mission uses the traditional ticket system from MGO which means that each time has a certain number of tickets, when those are depleted then you team will lose. along with the tickets, certain opposing team members will have bounty points on top of their head. You get these bounty points by defeating enemies, the more enemies you defeat, the higher your bounty point. The same goes for the enemies points. So If you see an enemy player with +5 over their head, that’s means he has killed 5 of your team mates.

Metal Gear Solid Online

To increase your tickets, you need to defeat enemies and then fulton them. If you do this successfully their bounty points will then be added to your teams ticket number, increasing your chance of winning.

A Typical match

During missions you will need to be strategic in planning your approach. You can plant sleeper mines that will put enemies to sleep, and distractions that will focus the attention of your opposing team on them. One example of this is the plushie that you can set up anywhere on the battlefield. If an opponent looks at it through a sniper or binoculars, then they will be paralyzed by its cuteness, and unable to do anything for a while.

Metal Gear Solid Online

If you are a scout, then using your sniper and following our teams mate’s path would be the best as you can fire when you need to getting them out of harm’s way. Using a wormhole item transports you a buddies location instantly, important when they need aid.

Unique Characters

There will be various playable characters other than your avatar in , each with their own abilities. Ocelot can dual-wield revolvers, and with quick aim and fire, he can take down enemies very quickly. Snake is also playable as he uses his special ability, the rocket arm punch to instantly shoot a rocket out of his hand. There will be more playable unique characters available on launch, but we only know of two of them right now.

Metal Gear Solid Online launches on 6 October 2015 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The gam will be available for free to all Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain owners through a title update.