We recently covered ShowMax, South Africa’s latest streaming service, and we liked it. Its content might be a bit scarce, but we believe that it will get there slowly. After a weekend with OnTapTV, it is tough to decide who is better, so for now let us just give you a low-down on the services that OnTapTV supplies and let you decide for yourself:

What is OnTapTV?

OnTapTv approaches their media in a package form. You can go through what they have to offer and decide on the best purchase for your streaming needs. You get the Mega Pack which is the best value for money offering almost everything in their library, and this will only set you back R89.00. Cheaper packages will have less content viewable in them, like the TV Show package which is R69.00. With this package you can watch almost every TV show listed.


Along with viewing the content, you can also download it, this is a nice feature for someone on the go without the worry of additional data chargers. One issue I did have was that you could not see the file size on the mobile app, this does not help if you are data restricted and are limited to a set download.

You can get a trial run of the service too, which is really not ideal as the content provided with the 7 day trial is rather lacklustre, and I found myself battling to find something I wanted to watch.


Some Technical Issues

As much as I understand that you would need certain web browsers to visit certain pages, OnTapTv does not support, probably the world’s most popular web browser, Google Chrome. To make it worse, when you find Internet Explorer (wherever you hide it) you will need to download Microsoft Silverlight to get things going. If I did not have to cover this I would not have gone through with the installation, as in today’s world, being 2015 and all, it should all be HTTP, and not require an additional installation. I can understand if it was a separate program that installs where you can run it and get the “app” experience on your PC, similar to DStv, but its requirements just threw its ease of use straight out the window.IMG_5716

When using the app on my iPhone, it just felt like a prototype build. It needs some work. Navigation is difficult, searching is a tedious task, and again, you cannot see the download size or access anything you downloaded separately. You will have to remember what you downloaded and launch it from the search option. I also constantly got errors telling me that my ” viewing period must have been ended”, which meanwhile I still had a full Mega Package subscription running.



There is some good content on the site and app, but I could not help notice that more than 70% of it is old movies from back in the horse and saddle days. I found Absolutely Fabulous, which is old but a classic. You will not find any Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Scream Queens, Modern Family, or any other latest film on offer. Again, this could all change over time.


OnTapTv.com has the potential to be a huge success in SA, its download abilities, and the fact that you can copy all content onto a USB makes it superior than other services. Saying that, its content does not manage to hold its own, and its webpage requirements and app needs some work. I would hold off on this one for now, and see where it goes. If you are into older movies and British shows, then you will love it. Those looking for modern content, you will not find it here.