PlayStation 4 System Software 3.00, codenamed Kenshin has been detailed. The new software focuses on bringing brand new social aspect to the PlayStation 4, along with bigger PlayStation Plus online storage capacity, and YouTube streaming.


Here is what you can expect from the software when it launches sometime in September:

  • Community Wall that members can view. This will serve as an announcement board run by the owners and moderators and allowing for general discussion.
  • Community Now Playing area where member parties are discoverable and joinable
  • Community Members Page where all community members are listed.
  • 10-second video clip sharing to Twitter using the DualShock 4’s “Share” Button.
  • YouTube Live, high-quality video streaming available to all players in every game
  • Events Page, Allow players to discover, register, and participate and watch in-game events. Players will receive notifications for start times, and can be received on the PS4 and the PlayStation App.
  • Request to Watch Gameplay, now you can watch your friends play games by requesting a broadcast of their game.
  • Favourite Groups, you can now add friends into certain groups and check the online status of your group of friends easier than ever. You will be able to create unique sticker icons for the thumbnails, and use a faster message system to chat in the group.
  • PlayStation Plus storage has increased from 1GB to 10GB – finally!

Along with the new update, improvements to the Live from PlayStation feature will also be tweaked and refined to your taste. You will also be able to comments live on activities and both yours and other player’s.

There is no release date for the OS as of yet, but remember you can sign up to the beta which begins very soon.