Nintendo and Niantic have collaborated to bring a brand new augmented reality Pokémon title to mobile devices next year. Be warned, this is not the Pokémon game we all love from Nintendo’s handheld gaming devices, rather a brand new spin on AR.


The new Pokémon game will come with a smartwatch called the Pokémon Go Plus, which is designed to help you participate in the game without looking at your phone. The device will light up and start to vibrate when you are near a Pokémon in the real world, although how you catch it and see it is still a mystery. But it seems it will go hand in hand with the app which you will use in collaboration with the smartwatch.Pokemon_GO_Plus_w_strap.0

The game will be free to play with in app purchases, and the watch has not been priced yet. The game and watch are set for release in 2016.