Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s website devoted to the magical world of Harry Potter took some Pollyjuice Potion and looks completely different, with the author of this popular franchise suggesting that you get “lost on the site; there are so many beautiful secrets lurking if you stay long enough to find them. Have a look around. And come back!“.

Some fans love it, others hate these 5 things that’ve changed on the popular site:

New Look

The website obviously looks completely different, more sophisticated and grownup in my opinion. The logo has also been Transfigured and is made from Rowling’s own handwriting.


No More Accounts


But maybe not for long, with Rowling reassuring us that all the fun of the Sorting Hat and deciding on what wand to get will be back soon. But the best new part?? You’ll be able to discover what your Patronus is!!! We don’t know exactly how yet, but this is a feature that fans have been begging for for years.

It’s Less Cluttered

The old Pottermore was starting to feel a little bit like a magical hermit’s nest, and although it had it’s own, quirky and unique feel, it was starting to feel a bit cluttered. Navigation became rather complicated and it was difficult to find what you were looking for. Now everything has been cleaned up and simplified and it’s easier than ever to discover cool new backstories, items to buy, writings by Rowling herself, features and news.

More Info on Characters and Creatures

We love that there is an all new section where you can go through detailed character profiles like that of Sirius Black and you can discover everything there is to know about magical creatures too. It makes the experience feel more seamless and comprehensive.

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New Updates About Related Stories

Like the Cursed Child play which is 100% not a sequel ok?! And of course we’ll be treated with those great back stories, future stories and everything in between that we’ve come to expect from Rowling and the Pottermore Team.