With the announcement of Xbox 360 playability on Xbox One, Sony might have something up its sleeve to counter this move. This move could be introducing PS2 Backwards Compatibility on PS4. This is according to leaked screenshots of PS4 firmware 3.00 on PlayStationlifestyle.net which show off a certain PS2 title running on a PS4.

This was not the only leaked screenshot of the game, another screenshot shows someone playing War of the Monsters. If this is all correct, then PS4 owners might be able to play PS2 games come later this year.

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I personally would prefer PS3 backwards compatibility as my digital library is much larger, and I really have nothing from the PS2 days that I want to play. Well, most of it has all been ported to the PS3 or PS4 in an “HD” remaster anyway.  Again, this could all be fake for hits or attention, so take it with a pinch of salt and don’t go spending all your money on PS2 titles on the PS3 store just yet.

Thanks to PlayStationlifestyle.net for the screenshots

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