4K has hardly successfully penetrated the home entertainment market when it is already being out done by an 8K TV. Electronics giant, Sharp has announced that it will begin limited sales of 8K TVs as part of trail broadcasts of the new format in Japan.


What is 8K

Also sometimes called Super Hi-Vision, 8K has a resolution of 7980×4320 pixels compared to 3840×2160 4K runs at. An 8K TV has about 16 times the resolution of today’s HD TVs and 4 times that of 4K, making it better than most movie theatres and definitely better than most movies own by the average South African.

To actually produce proper 8K visuals, every element in the production chain had to be modified and upgraded, including the cameras and other equipment used to shoot and capture the footage, bandwidth requirements rocketed due to the numbers required to transmit an uncompressed 8K video all the way to the TV sets.

The 8K TV sets will be manufactured at Sharp’s factory in Japan, with the fist consumers 8K TVs set to go on sale in 2018. The current models will be showcased at the Ceatec expo in October held in Japan and will be go on sale for broadcasters and video production companies on 30 October 2015. Sharp has already received orders from NHK – a Japanese broadcaster with the aim to have 8K part of its regular services by the time the 2020 Olympic Games take place in Tokyo.

No pricing details yet, but some reports have estimated that a 85″ 8K TV set could set you back about ¥16 million (about R1.7 million)!!!

Other players in the 8K tech game include Samsung and LG, which have both revealed 8K TVs at the CES expo in January held in Las Vegas.