LTE or Long-Term Evolution is a mobile connection standard and one that has been clearly lagging behind for South Africans who crave faster mobile internet speeds. This is according to a global report by OpenSignal for 2015 quarter 3, which shows that South African LTE speeds round off the top 10 of the worst in the world. According to the report entitled State of LTE, South Africa comes 10th for slowest internet speeds, with average LTE speeds of 8MBps compared to 68 other countries across the globe. New Zealand has the fastest LTE speeds with 4 times the LTE speeds South Africans have to endure at 36MBps.

In terms of global LTE coverage, OpenSignal looked primarily at how much time users have a LTE signal by using LTE Time Coverage as its main metric which measures the proportion of time users spend connected to a particular network. For instance in terms of the South African LTE coverage represented at 58% means that on average, South Africans can get an LTE signal 58% of the time. 56% of this is from MTN and 59% of this is from Vodacom according to OpenSignal’s report.

South African LTE 2

[SOURCE]: OpenSignal

South Africa comes in at 35th place for global LTE coverage, with South Korea providing the best LTE coverage according to the State of LTE report by OpenSignal at 97%.

When it comes to LTE speeds, well lets just say at least we aren’t in countries like Iran and Costa Rica with average LTE speeds of 3MBps.

South African LTE 1

[SOURCE]: OpenSignal