The PS4 is a marvel for gaming, its great design and architecture makes it one of the best gaming platforms out there. But what about extending your gaming experience beyond the console? How about adding some great accessories into the mix to make your gaming session so much more enjoyable? Here are some of the best accessories for your PS4.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset 2.0 (white) – R1128.00

You get good headsets out there, those ones that cost you a few thousand rand to get the full experience, then you get the PlayStation 2.0 Headset. Setting you back just over R1000, the headset has some of the best features your could ever ask or in a device. Custom downloadable sound profiles, 7.1 surround sound, wireless battery that lasts around 6 hours, and did I mention that it is rather sexy looking?

Accessories for your PS4

I have been using the black one for some time now and I cannot fault it in any way. It does the job and for its price range, is the best on the market. You can now also grab the white one which just released.

PlayStation Camera – R838.00


Although the PlayStation Camera is more a luxury than a must right now, soon when Sony releases PlayStation Virtual Reality it will be a mandatory piece of hardware to own. For now, you can still do some pretty neat things with it. You can control the PlayStation’s UI with it, use it during certain games to extend the experience, and even test out the device’s capabilities using the Ps4’s Playroom game

20th Anniversary DualShock 4 Controller – R850.00

Accessories for your PS4

To celebrate the 20th birthday of the PS4, Sony released a set number of limited edition consoles. To make it up to the fans who did not get a chance to get one of these consoles, Sony has now released the exclusive controller that came with it as a spate purchase. The controller does everything a normal DualShock 4 would do, but it comes in the classic Gray that shipped with the original PlayStation. It also has the classic coloured logo on it rather than the white on black one see on all other iterations

Batman Arkham Knight Analogue Grips – R65.00

Accessories for your PS4

One major issue we face with the DualShock 4 is its weak rubber on the analogues. It tends to wear out over time and ends up looking all cheap. These Batman Arkham knight grips will make sure that your controller last so much longer than usual as it will not only protect your analogue, but it will also give you a extra bit of grip in it. For under R100, it is really the best thing you can buy

Batman Arkham Knight DualShock 4 Silicone Jacket – R168.00

Accessories for your PS4

Along with your Batman grips, you can also pick up the controller jackets  for under R200. These will fit over your controller and keep it in mint condition as you will not smooth out the back of it at all. These jackets also come with analogue grips so its a win-win purchase.

PS4 Charging Station – R375.00

Accessories for your PS4

Using an electrical outlet rather than the USB cord from your PS4, this charging dock charges your controllers much faster. You can also dock the controllers into it while not in use> So basically at night plug them in so that the next day it is all charged and ready.