If you think that spending R6000 on a gaming console is high, then these will make you question your spending habits completely. These video game consoles are the cremedela crème of video game consoles, they are a few times the price of the recommended retail price of a console because, well, they can be. Here are the world’s most expensive gaming consoles.

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Nintendo Wii Supreme – $481 000 (about R6.5 million)


The Nintendo Wii Supreme is the most expensive video game console ever made, and it will set you back a few million pretty pennies. The system has 2.5 kilograms of 22 karat gold, with its front buttons covered in 19.5 carat diamonds. There are only 3 of these in world, and they probably just sit around now gathering dust.

Gem Studded Xbox 360 – $11 000 (about R150 000)


Not only does this Xbox 360 have 43 000 crystals on it, it also has Lara Croft’s face plastered on the side of it. Sure it might not look like the most glamorous console out there, and it kind of reminds me of that friend that lives in Brakpan that has a City Golf with more gold wrapping around it than car. But hey, if you have money to waste, then waste it.

Rose Gold Xbox One and PS4 – $13 600 (about R180 000)

gold-ps4-and-360 (1)

Jumbo Electronics are forever bedazzling electronics and I don’t blame them, they add a pretty decent gold plating to anything you can think of. These two consoles are gold-plated, in rose gold of all things. The PS4 version contains 229 grams of 9 carat rose gold, and the Xbox One has 220 grams of 9 carat rose gold. If you want to order them you can, I just worry about international shipping and all that.

24-karat gold Xbox 360 Faceplate – $36 000 (about R480 000)


Now this is just a faceplate, you know that piece of plastic that comes off the Xbox 360? Well, yo can take yours off and replace it with this one if you are in for a change. This 999.9 ounces of 24 karat gold will change the way you look at your Xbox 360, but I’m not sure it’s really worth it.

PlayStation 3 Supreme – $323 000 (about R4.4 million)


Stuart Hughes, the man behind that beautiful Black Diamond iPhone 5 made a PlayStation 3, and it only took him 12 weeks to do so. With a 22 karat exterior, over 1600 grams of gold wrapped around it, and 1600 half-carat diamonds used for decoration, we can understand the asking price for this. Stuart only made 3 of these so good luck getting your hands on one.