Turn off notifications or specific conversations

We all have that friend that just spams us with messages all day long, and instead of typing the message in one body, he or she will send it in consecutive texts. You can mute this said friend so that your phone does not go off when you are in the middle of a meeting or just not in the mood to talk to anyone.

Here’s how:

Launch the Facebook Messenger app > Navigate to the conversation tab (The one on the left with the clock) > Tap and hold on the conversation you want to mute > Select mute and choose for how long you would like to mute messages from this person.


Understand the ticks

It is important to know when someone has received and read your message:


Send and receive locations


So you are meeting your friend on the other side of Joburg and you have never been there before. Ready to get lost? Get your friend to sent you their location via the locations button.

Simply tap on the location icon when in a conversation with someone and it will send them your exact location. They can then use their dedicated maps app to navigate to your spot or just cancel lunch because it’s way too far.

Download Apps for Messenger


There are a dozen apps that go hand in hand with Facebook Messenger, and once you have them installed, they will be integrated into the app for use.


Simply tap on the box with the three dots in it and it will give you a list of available apps for your device. Install them using your app store, and make use of them in the Facebook Messenger app.

Video and Voice Callwersm_facebook_messenger_voice

WhatsApp is not the only instant messenger app to allow VoIP (Voice over IP) calls. You can make video calls and even voice calls using the Facebook Messenger app by tapping on either the video recorder box, or the phone at the top right hand corner of your screen.