We love Twitter, it’s great for socializing, work, and play. There are a few things that you should know about it that will make your experience so much better. From knowing when you are mentioning someone, to checking all your stats, here are some tips and tricks for Twitter you might find useful:

Schedule Tweets

If you know that you will not be around to keep an active feed, you can schedule tweets and your followers won’t even know the difference.

tips and tricks for Twitter

Simply sign up to ads.twitter.com, or login if you have already created an account. Once your account is active, when you click on “Compose Tweet” it will give you the options to schedule tweets at anytime of the day and week you wish.

Set Up Multiple Twitter Accounts On One Email

This could save a few headaches and multiple email addresses for multiple Twitter accounts. You will need a Gmail account for this to work though, or at least access to one Gmail email address.

All you need to do when singing up for an account on the web is to add a “+” into your original email address. Gmail will automatically pick up that the part before the “+” is your email address and avoid any issues in future. For example if you wanted to create a new Twitter account you would use you Gmail address “NAME@gmail.com” as your primary account, and when signing up for an additional account, you would use “NAME+twitter@gmail.com”. The best thing about this is that Google will know what you are up to and send all your emails to your main email address, yes, even the mails that are meant to go to the “+” account.

Turn Off All Twitter Emails With One Click

Tired of all those mentions and retweets filling up your mailbox? You can turn them all off with one simple click.

Twitter Notifications

Simply login to Twitter.com > Click on your Profile Settings > Navigate to Email Notifications > Turn off. Now you will no longer receive any emails from any activity on Twitter. Back to restful sleep.

Know When You Are Mentioning Someone

Let us get one thing straight, if you start a tweet with a @Username, you are replying to a tweet and the tweet will only be seen by the person you are mentioning in that tweet and the users that follow both you and the account you are mentioning.


So know what you want to say and to who on Twitter. If you place a @Username anywhere else in your tweet, it is a mention and will be seen by whoever follows you.

Free Twitter Analytics

Want to see how popular you are on Twitter? Twitter offers free analytics to all their users, so you can check exactly how many engagements you are receiving as well as impressions, mentions, followers, and all those other Twitter things.


Simple login to Twitter, then navigate to analytics.twitter.com, and here you will see all your stats.

Pin Tweet To Your Profile Permanently

If you want to have one main tweet pinned to the top of your profile page so that anyone who visits your profile sees it first, then all you need to do is find the tweet you want to pin, and pin it.

Pinned Tweets

Head on over to the tweet you want to pin. Click on the three dots, and click pin to profile. If you have any other pinned tweet it will ask you if you are sure you want to remove it, click yes and it is done. You cannot pin mentions, retweets, or DMs. You can only pin a tweet that you composed yourself, although it can be a tweet in which you mentioned another user.