Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 9 was recently released and many immediately updated their devices with the new version. There are many cool new features to enjoy, but this iOS 9 feature might be using up all of your cellular date.


Called Wi-Fi Assist, this new feature is automatically turned on when you update your device with iOS 9 and was created to prevent users from experiencing buffering when they have weak Wi-Fi. So your device will detect that your Wi-Fi signal strength is not sufficient to support whatever it is you’re wanting to do like watch a YouTube video online for instance, and will then automatically switch to your cellular data. The feature is obviously great in terms of improving your online experience, however if you’re reliant on Wi-Fi for your internet needs because you have a weak data plan with your mobile service provider, then you might be in for a surprise when your monthly bill arrives as the feature could use a lot of cellular data.

I personally saw my cellular data usage rise when I had the feature switched on and you can check yours too. Here’s how:

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Usage which will give you a total of cellular data used in your current period (you need to reset it at the bottom to refresh your period) > Scroll down to see a list of apps consuming cellular data and how much they’ve consumed.

iOS 9 Feature

You can also manage which apps are allowed to use cellular data from here by toggling on or off next to each app. These apps can then only use data when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

To turn Wi-Fi Assist off:

Go to Settings > Cellular > Scroll all the way down and toggle off Wi-Fi Assist

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