Want to give your video game console a brand new makeover? Then we have the best local video game console skins available for your money. These places take your gaming console and add a layer of creativity to it.

If you are feeling even more creative you can get your controllers done too, and even add your own design to them. But please remember, try to keep it classy, no one wants to have Hooters, or Mercedes Benz plastered all over their console, it’s a gaming console for goodness sake!

CC Entertainment

CC Entertainment have been making waves for a while now, and I personally spotted them for the first time this past Geekfest. I have meant to get my controllers skinned, but I have not had time for it yet.


CC Entertainment offers some pretty great services like free collection in the Joburg area, custom designs, and the best part of it, Controller Shells. The skins range from R249 tor R399, and you can email them to get a custom skin printed and placed too.

CC Entertainment
You can contact them on the following details:

info@ccentertainment.co.za / Twitter / Facebook / Website

Graffiti Skins

Graffiti Skins  offers more than just console skins, they cover laptops, cellphones, PC towers, tablets, and anything else under the sun that you feel need a tad of customisation.


The skins range from R149 up to R499 for an entire set of controllers and console wrapping. You can also find their products in a wide range of retails stores across Jo’burg, just visit their site and find out what store is closest to you.

You can contact them on the following details:

marlon@graffitiskins.co.za/ Twitter / Facebook / Website


Gamerskins make all their skins locally in-house, and even ship overseas to customers who order them from abroad. Although their products mostly range from Ps4 and Xbox One skins, they have some pretty decent designs.


The skins range from R399 for a it of two controllers and one console skin, with PS4 packages including 2 lightbar skins. You can get custom designs done.

You can contact them on the following details

info@gamerskins.co.za/ Twitter / Facebook / Website