Get ready to freak out! A weird viral video shows a group of ants circling a ringing iPhone.


The video was uploaded by ViralVideoLab and the description explains that a Canon VIXIA mini X was used to film the video and a white 16GB iPhone 4 was used in the video. Approximately 300 ants are seen in the video which was apparently shot outside the film maker’s house. In the 21-second long clip you see ants running about normally, but once the iPhone 4 starts to ring and vibrate the ants start marching in a circle around it. 

So what the hell, right?

ViralVideoLab explains that electromagnetic waves from the ringing iPhone is causing the ants to start running in a circle around it. Associate Professor Nigel Andrew of Department of Entomology at the University of New England backs up this theory, explaining that:

[The ants] have magnetic receptors in their antennae. If they’re travelling long distances they use magnetic cues from the earth to know if they are going north, east, south or west.

Social insect researcher Simon Robson of Queensland’s James Cook University on the contrary believes that the ants would’ve behaved this way regardless of the ringing iPhone or vibrations:

There are many ants that actually start forming in a circle without the phone. It’s an unavoidable consequence of their communication systems. Having the ants together like that, the shape of the phone may have something to do with it and the vibration might get them a bit more excited, but a lot of ants will do it even without the phone.