We recently covered a few features on iOS 9 that we had no idea existed. After spending even more time with it, we have found some more that we just had to mention. Here are 5 more hidden iOS 9 features.

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Wi-Fi Assist

If you are tired of slow Wi-Fi and can afford to spend a little bit on data, you can have your iPhone turn off your Wi-Fi automatically when the speed is slow. This setting will set your iPhone to use your data whenever you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot or connection that has poor connection and speed.

iOS 9 Features

To enable this head on over to settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Assist.

Instant Phone Number Search

If you get a lot of emails but you do not save phone numbers to your contacts, then you might be surprised when you get a call from someone and the number appears even if you have not saved their number. This is because Siri now automatically searches your email to get phone numbers of the people who are calling you.

iOS 9 Features

If someone calls you that is not on your contact list, but have sent you an email before, their details will be automatically saved. It will come up as “Maybe: X” when they call the next time.

Group Notifications

iOS 9 Features

Now you can group notifications depending on their relevancy, time, or type. This helps you organise your notifications bar so you can see what is going on without it feeling like one hot mess. To change the way you group them, head over to Settings > Notifications > Group By App

Add any attachment to your mail

iOS 9 Features

Before you were limited to pictures and some third party attachments in mail. Now however you can attach almost everything to a mail. The most important option when attaching a file is the iDrive option that lets you grab a file that you have uploaded to your iCloud drive and sends it in a mail.

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Hide Photos + Selfie Album

I am sure many users will find this handy as not every photo comes out perfect. The ability to hide your photos makes privacy much better in your album. If you want to hide a photo, select it, or a few of them, tap on the option icon, and select “Hide”. The photos that you’ve selected  to hide will now be taken out of your camera roll and put in a separate album. To get them back, select them again and select “Unhide”.

iOS 9 Features

Did you know that iOS 9 will automatically pick up when you have taken a selfie and add it to a separate folder called “Selfies”. Well now you do. Whenever you take a selfie, it will be added to the album, be it selfies taken with the front or the back camera.