There are a few things that you should know when using iTunes that will help you in your everyday navigation and use of the program. Here are 5 tips to becoming the ultimate iTunes master.

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1. Delete Songs You Keep Skipping

You skip terrible songs for a reason right? Sometimes we even have no idea how they got into our library in the first place. Did you know that you can arrange your songs by the amount of times you skipped them? That way you can just select them all and delete them.


To do this you will firstly need to arrange your view by Songs. On the top right hand corner select Songs if you have not arranged your view to show them already. You can then right-click on the columns entitled name, track, duration and then select Skips you will now be able to sort your songs by the amount of skips. Now go through them and delete the ones that you don’t want anymore.

2. Delete Duplicates


To find duplicates and eliminate them for good, open up the View menu at the top >  Show Duplicate Items. You will now see all the songs that you have double or more of. Feel free to delete them one by one.

3. Control iTunes with your iPhone

You can control your iTunes from your iPhone using the dedicated Remote App.


As long as your are on the same Wi-Fi network, then all you will need is a pin from the app put into your iTunes, and you will be able to control the program with your phone. This is for all those who lay in bed watching movies from iTunes or are just too lazy to walk over to the PC or Mac when there is a party going on.

4. Copy Your iTunes Library To Android

Let’s face it, iTunes doesn’t remotely support Android at all, but you can however copy your iTunes content directly to your Android device without going through ever single folder and selecting each song and copying and pasting them into your storage.


To do this, all you need to do is go through your iTunes songs on the program, select the ones you want, and then press Ctrl + C to copy them, and then head on over to your Android storage device, and press Ctrl + V in the folder you want your music to be in. iTunes will automatically find the songs and copy them onto your Android device without any searching on your side.

5. Manually Upload Album Artwork

We all know how useful Apple Music is when it comes to automatically sorting out our lives, but for those who do not use the service, sometimes adding music to iTunes results in wonky album art.


You can manually upload artwork to an album or song by right clicking on it and selecting Get Info. You can now click on Album and then drag the picture you wan. If you want iTunes to find the artwork instead, right-click on the file and select Get Album Artwork.

So there you have 5 really simple tips to help you sort out and manage your iTunes library. We will have more tips on Apple Music and how to can get the most out of your subscription, so be sure to check back in later this week.

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