Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music, has been around for more than 3 months now, which means that your free subscription has now come to an end. But if you love the service as much as us, then you probably signed on before your free trail ended. If so, you’ll definitely find these 5 tip helpful:


Wake Up To Your Favourite Song

Instead of having to create your own alarm tunes, you can select a song from the thousands of songs you already have in your Apple Music playlists and set that to wake you up in the morning.


Be careful though, you know as humans we start to hate the sound that wakes us up in the morning.

Pick New Favourites

Remember all those balls that were around when your first opened up Apple Music? The ones that let you pick your favourite artists and genres? Well you can re-pick them if you wanted to start from scratch.

Apple Music Favourites

To do this open up the Music App, and then go into your profile by tapping on the silhouette on the top left corner. Now tap on Artists for You, from here you can change your favourites and remove the ones that are already there.


Teach Apple Music What You Like

Apple Music learns what your music are tastes and recommends new music based on your listening preferences. In order to improve on this so that the service gets to know you better, which results in better music recommendations , you should constantly tell the service what you like.


When Apple Music plays a song on the radio that you have no idea how it got there, feel free to tell it to not ever play this song again by selecting the Recommend Less Like This or I Don’t Like This Suggestion. The more you do this the better on point your music will be in future.

Customise Playlists With Photos

Say you are hosting a Halloween party and you have the perfect set of songs for it. You can create a new playlist and add a photo to it so that it sticks out.


To do this go into My Music > Playlists > New, you can now tap on the Camera Button at the top left corner and go through your camera roll to choose a photo.

Find A Song You’Ve Already Heard

If you have been listening to a radio station for some time now and really loved a song that has already played, you can find it in the history of the radio track list.


Tap on the Up Next button and it will show you what is coming up next, scroll up and you will see every song you have listened to previously. You can now add them to your library or see the artist and album

BONUS: Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a free app that will integrate itself into your Apple Music library, so whatever song you are playing, when setup correctly, will show its lyrics in the notification bar. It claims to have the largest collection of lyrics in the world. So if you have been wondering what Fall Out Boy have actually been saying (who hasn’t) then this app will answer that question.


Head on over to the App Store and download the app. Then open up your notifications bar and tap on Edit.  You will now need to add the Musixmatch feature by tapping on the plus (+) button. Now whenever you play a song, pull down the bar and it will show the lyrics in it. Pretty neat right?