In 1989 Back to The Future II portrayed a very futuristic 2015. Most of the stuff seemed impossible for the 80s and most of them still are. Today marks the day that Marty and Doc Brown travelled to the future (15 October 2015).

1. Flying Cars

One of the best moments in Back to The Future II is when Doc Brown reverses the DeLorean and suddenly switches to flying instead of driving.

Back to the Future II 1


2. Futuristic Fashion

In the movie we see a lot of fantastic futuristic fashion. You see Doc handing Marty Nike shoes that have cool LED lights and power laces as well as a self drying jacket that adjusts itself to fit you.


Back to the Future II 2

You also see all the cool kids wearing their pants pockets inside out, because who needs pockets in 2015 anyway?

Back to the Future II 3


The gang chasing Marty is seen wearing weird helmets, face paint and talking vests.

Back to the Future II 4


4. Hoverboards

This one might not be too far off:

5. Automatic Dog Walkers

As if the world couldn’t get more lazy, Back to The Future II predicts that by this year we won’t need to walk our dogs anymore, because a machine can do that for us. Poor pooches!

Back to the Future II 5


6. Jaws 19

Unless Steven Spielberg can manage to push out 15 sequels in one year, we won’t be seeing Jaws 19 this year.

Back to the Future II 6

Watch Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) discuss what the movie got right: