The new Acer Predator range was on display at rAge this past weekend and boy did it make me wish I was a millionaire. Acer have successfully merged beauty, power, and affordability into their new Predator range. This has created something rather unique and no matter what you do and where you go, there is a Predator device for you thanks to its range of various models.

Chatting to Paul Collins at rAge, Acer’s Country Manager, he gave me some insight to the range and how they have developed the ultimate gaming devices.

“rAge stood as the official launch for the enhanced Predator Range, and if we look ahead to the new year we have a Predator Phone and a dedicated Predator Projector coming. We feel that we have the best product range on the market across the spectrum.


There is really no excuse not to game anymore because if you cannot game on a phone or on a tablet, you can game anywhere on the laptops. We truly believe we have the most comprehensive range, and we just can’t wait to get this out to the public”

Well enough chit chat, I have taken it upon myself to make you love the range as much as I do. Here is everything you need to know about the various devices.

Predator G6 Desktop

Standing next to this machine was like being in some advanced alien movie, like Star Wars or something. It is truly a magnificent piece of hardware. Looks aside, the inside of it is a marvel to behold. It is all neatly packed together with expandable slots to place in what you want to place in. Up to 64GB of DDR4 ram, a “One-Punch” CPU with overclocking capabilities and IceTunnel cooling to keep it cool while under stress. The model that was on display packed a GTX 980 with up to 3840 x 2160 (4K).


One of the best features on the desktop tower is the easy-swap expansion bays. These tray-like slots open up and you can slot in hard drives at ease. The PC supports up to 12TB of storage space.

Did I mention that it is one sexy PC? It is really a beast of a device. It is fully upgradable too, so if you feel like it does not have enough power, which I have no idea why, then you can put in a better graphics card.


Acer have also assured that the G6 Desktop will be pretty much future proof and it will even lead into the next generation of gaming. They also promised us that with the internal size of the model, possibilities of upgrades are limitless.

We built this range with the gamer in mind, this applies across the spectrum in the Predator range. With the possibility of 64GB of ram, this takeaway box is something you really don’y touch until you actually need to. This is a proper hardcore gaming range.


I asked about the price of this monster machine, and they told me that it would start at R22.000 on upwards. So basically the price of a Macbook, but way better than one.

Predator Z35 Gaming Monitor

This monster of a screen supports G-Sync technology a widescreen HD display, and a curved design. On top of that it’s probably one of the best looking gaming monitors ever. It was a joy spending some time playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on this monitor. Its refresh rate is next to nothing, and its wide screen display is just easy on the eyes. Its stand is fully adjustable making it ideal for any seating arrangement. I was also told that I could place three of these next to each other for a deeper immersive experience.

Predator Z35_06

Predator Z35_01

Predator 8 Gaming Tablet

With 4 front-facing Quadio speakers with virtual surround sound, and haptic feedback. The Acer tablet is more than just a simple tablet. Its 8-inch display boast a FHD resolution with ColorBlast technology. Inside we have an Intel Atom CPU, and on the outside its lightweight at only 350 grams, thin, with a gorgeous brushed aluminium design.


Predator 15 and 17 inch Laptops

Just when you thought that gaming was not possible on a laptop, Acer have built one pretty powerful range of laptops, fully customizable and you can even get your own model made if you want to opted in for a 4K display and better internal components.

Packed with a 6th generation Intel Core i7 6700HQ, an NVidia GTX980M, and up to 32GB of DDR4 ram. These laptops are less about Microsoft Word, and more about The Witcher 3


If you are worried about overheating, you can then remove the DVD drive from the laptop and slot in an extra fan. This would be only if the built-in FrostCore triple fan design doesn’t keep up.

The laptop has fully programmable keys with a backlight that can be changed too. Although the red looks pretty fierce already.


Holding both the 15 and 17 inch I did notice they were a bit heavy, but when it comes to a gaming laptop, you really want that solid feel. It is fully coated in a rubber to avoid scratches and dents, and the models that were on display had zero heat on them after a full day in a hot expo.


After 30 minutes with the new Acer Predator range, I just wanted to knock Paul Collins over the head with that 17-inch laptop and make a run for it with the G6 desktop under one arm, the screen balancing on my head, and the 17-inch laptop under my other arm. I could not do that though, I would damage the equipment on the way out.

Regardless, the new Predator range is definitely something to consider if you are in the market for a new dedicated gaming laptop and PC. It is future-proof and all-in-one systems that have been designed with incredible attention to detail and the most important thing, the gamer in mind. They all have their competition, these Steam Boxes, Apple, etc. But there is something that goes beyond its power and beauty that I cannot quite put my finger on just yet. I will have to wait for some dedicated time with it before I find out what it is.