Oh, Barbie, the world has had a love-hate relationship with you since you first burst out of the box in 1959. On the one hand Barbie can be viewed as a beloved brand and an innocent toy that promotes female empowerment and diversity. On the other hand she is the very symbol of gender stereotyping and self-esteem issues.


Barbie has finally gotten it right with this new ad which cleverly features four witty chicks assuming their jobs for the day. The one girl is a college professor talking about brains and how dogs aren’t as smart as humans because “there’s no high school for the dog“. Another little girl confidently declares to a group of soccer players that she is their new couch and drills them to lift their “knees up like a unicorn“.

Barbie 2

What’s so amazing is that these little girls are so confident and self-assured, comfortably assuming their roles among grown ups and attempting (and succeeding) to hold their own. Because the cameras were hidden the reactions to these confident, smart and witty girls are authentically cool and we truly start to Imagine the Possibilities.

We reckon this is a very positive move for the Barbie brand, especially since the disaster which is Computer Engineer Barbie. In this story Barbie assumes the typical damsel in distress role and needs to be saved by her male class mates when she has no idea how to be a computer engineer. It’s truly insulting and ridiculous to be telling warped stories like this in modern times. So we’re extremely pleased that the brand has taken this new positive and empowering view on the power of imagination, with the company explaining that:

When your daughter plays and imagines with Barbie, she too realises her limitless potential—and all the possibilities for her life!

Leading by example, Barbie herself has had more than 150 careers to date. She’s been an astronaut, ballerina, chef, doctor, police officer, Presidential nominee, and more, teaching girls of all ages that “You Can Be Anything”!