Apple Music launched three months ago so starting on October 1, those of us who have been using the service since day one paid for our first monthly subscription. Well, according to Tim Cook who spoke at the Wall Street Journal technology conference in Laguna Beach, Apple Music has been an instant hit.

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Cook noted that 6.5 million users now pay a subscription for Apple Music and that an additional 8.5 million users are participating in the free trial at the moment. This makes Apple Music’s standing at just over 15 million users and counting, with Cook saying that:

I’m really happy about it, and I think the runway here is really good

Apple Music Radio

The service launched back in June and since then it has changed the way Apple users download and access music. We recently learnt that Spotify, Apple Music’s competitor has more than 20 million active users worldwide, making the competition steady fast.

While at the conference Tim Cook also mentioned that:

There are very few content owners that believe that the existing model will last forever. I think the most forward-thinking ones are looking and saying, ‘I’d rather have the first-mover advantage.’

Apple Music Favourites

With the launch of the new Apple TV on the horizon, we will surely see more users signing up for Apple Music, and with the festive season looming, new iPhone adopters will be doing the same. Although here in SA we do not yet have Spotify, Apple Music has surely become one the best music streaming service locally.