It is payday and we all have that monthly “entertainment” budget just burning a hole in our pocket. I have some really good specials to tell about this week in our weekly “Games to Play This Weekend”. These games are cheap and you should pick them up even if you have no time for them now, as later on you will get into them. Here are some really cheap games to get this weekend.

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Magicka 2 – PS4 R189.00

Back in the day a game came along that releases only on PC. The game revolved round 4 wizards that combined Magicka together to create powerful spells that were used to fight the forces of darkness. The game was an instant hit with its deep spells system that lets you string together different elements to create masterful spells.

Magicka 2 is a PS4 and PC only game that follows suit. The game revolves around the same idea, has its online and offline 4-player co-op, and its humour is something straight out of a Monty Python film. Its under R200 right now on the PlayStation store, and comes with a free theme. The game also features the PS4’s brand new Event system which means that you can participate in a global event and if you complete it, you will get exclusive gear.

Alien Isolation – PS4, Xbox One – R249.00

One of 2014’s most underrated games puts fear in the heart of the player as you try and escape the clutches of the iconic Alien hybrid species. The game is one big exciting roller-coaster ride as go from being hunted by red-eyed robots, to running for you life away from Alien itself.

Stealth is key, and you will probably spend the entire game hiding in vents and closets, but hey, its a horror isn’t it? You can grab Alien Isolation from today.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – PS4 – Free

What is better than cheap? Free obviously! To celebrate the launch of the Uncharted collection, Sony put together a playable demo for you to download today. Not like Uncharted needs to be tested out before you decide to buy it anyway. You can grab Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection off the PlayStation store right now for free. The download weighs in at 7GB.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Elder Scrolls Online offers probably the best free-to-play MMO experience on the market and its immersive skill system , and breath taking world is one of a kind. You will spend hours rafting gear, exploring the mountains of Skyrim, or facing off against the armies in the PvP mode. The game also just received its first DLC pack, Imperial City, so there really has been no better time to get into it.

The game is on special both on PS4 (R499), and PC ($26.00) this week.