Playing make-believe as a child might have left you wishing to be an explorer or an inventor when you grow up. You  dreamt of sailing ships and discovering new places no one had ever seen before.  You imagined inventing time machines to visit the future and robots to tidy  up your room.

GE adverts celebrate the  importance of dreaming – of ideas, of inventions that could change the world  – and of daring to think big.

Below we round up 5 of GE’s recent commercials  to show just how passionate they are about innovation and technology, and their  power to change the world.

Ideas are Scary

In “Ideas are Scary”, an unidentifiable  creature is born. As it grows up and tries to find its way in the world, it  is rejected by people who find it unpleasant, unfamiliar and a threat to how  things are usually done. Finally, the sad and lonely idea wanders into a GE  office, where it finally finds a place to be nurtured and grow.

Invention Donkey

“Invention Donkey” grants a man one  wish: to invent anything he can possibly imagine. The man rattles off a few  ideas – new friends, DVDs – but Invention Donkey resists: “Come on! Something  that matters!” He encourages him to dream big and so he does: “Something to  help power the planet.” While donkey sketches out how this could be done, the  man realises how much work would go into this and wonders whether someone  else could do it instead.

There is No Magic

While scientific innovation and  technology may make seem as if GE does magic, this advert highlights just the  opposite. In order for whimsical ideas to turn into solutions that fix  problems across the world, GE requires “dedication, discipline and a lot of  hard work”. There is no magic.

What My Mom Does  at GE

A young child imagines the  impossible-to-believe things that his mom does at work everyday; building underwater  fans powered by the moon, airplane engines that can talk, and hospitals you  can hold in your hand. The advert highlights how GE develops environmentally  friendly technology, with the example of trains that make friends with trees.

What’s the  Matter with Owen

GE doesn’t just make physical  inventions; they also develop software and write code that lets machines talk  to one another. Owen is a new employee at GE. His dad doesn’t quite understand  what his son will be doing at GE, so he offers him grandpa’s hammer. As Owen  explains, “Yes, GE makes powerful machines, but I’ll be writing the code that  will allow those machines to share information with each other. I’ll be  changing the way the world works

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