I finally downloaded my new Xbox One Dashboard, a.k.a the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE). To say it is an update would be a lie, this is a whole new experience with new ways to get what you want done, faster.

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Microsoft has taken the old Dashboard and re-designed it to work the way we have always wanted it to, without the layers. When you wanted to find something before, you would have to dig into layers and layers of settings and apps. With the NXOE, it is all activated with one press of a button, the left D-Pad.


From your home screen, all you need to do is press left on the D-Pad and it will take you to a tab where you can sign in, find your friends, create a chat party, turn the Kinect Microphone on and off for multiplayer chat, and much more. Instead of going into Settings > Kinect > Use Kinect Microphone for chat, it is all right there in front you for easy access.

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The Community page is on the right hand side, here you will find all your friends’ activities and content from Xbox. You can share something directly on the page, and even comment on your friends’ posts. Think of it as the Friends App, but without actually going into My Games and Apps > Friends.


The Xbox Marketplace has also been revamped, it’s cleaner and easier to navigate through. All the latest games are on display in one tab and you can browse them, search for a game, and even redeem a code. As you can see in the top right hand corner, there is a power bar which displays your battery power remaining in your controller, this is visible at all times on the Dashboard.


Double tapping your home button will also bring up the tab on the left, here you can snap an app, which will snap to it on the right-hand side as usual. It works just as well in-game as when you access this tab when on your home screen.


The Settings App has been changed. Everything is in groups that are easy to navigate through and named perfectly for the option you are looking for. You can change the look of your profile in one menu, and check your storage capacity in the other. It’s simpler to get around compared to the old app.


Speed wise, the NXOE is much faster, sure it lags a bit every now and then, and I had an issue where it just shut down my console, but it’s a breeze to get around. I had some issues where I battled to find full screen apps like the Achievements app and friends. Whenever I opened the app it would give me the snap version rather than the full screen version. I also had one major issue where Kinect wold not speak back to me at all. I would scream at it and it would not hear me saying “Xbox”. I am sure these are all bugs that will be ironed out in the weeks to come though.

New Xbox One Dashboard

Overall the NXOE is a blessing, it has not only changed the way you get around, but also the ease of use that comes with it is great. Starting a party with the press of a button, and moving around the tabs and apps faster than ever makes it a great improvement. I would like to see some more apps integrated into the quick tab menu like a download bar for all background downloads and installations, but I am sure with this new feature Microsoft will add more in the months to come.

Check out some more screenshots below of the NXOE.


New Xbox One Dashboard