Xbox put on a great show at rAge 2015. They had a stellar line-up of titles, and among all these games was a demo of the Xbox One Elite Controller. The controller is Microsoft’s answer to their very own Scuff controller, and it’s a sleek device.

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What is the Elite Controller?

The Xbox One Elite Controller is a premium controller for the Xbox One that has set out to take over the world of competitive gaming. The device takes on the look of the normal Xbox One controller, but it has a ton of detachable and exchangeable pieces of hardware on the remote.


First off the analogues are magnetic, which means you can easily lift them off of the controller and attach different ones. Meaning replacing them with the larger ones, or replacing them with ones that have higher shafts than the others. This all helps improve your game, but the best thing about these detachable analogues is the fact that the shafts are actually brushed steel. This will help illuminate the damage that can be caused by you pushing the analogue up and clicking it in – the sprinting button for short.

Switching out analogues is one thing, but reducing the RT, and LT trigger time is another thing. Games that rely on the concept of “the quicker you press the button the quicker you shoot”, aka Hair Triggers, will have their trigger time reduced by 50% thanks to the ability to switch between a long trigger press and a short one. This is activated by a flip of the switch at the back of the controller. So games that recognise the trigger half way will be a much smoother experience.


The D-Pad can also be swapped out for either a standard D-Pad, or the new Omni-directional one. This is just another way to improve the way you navigate through your games. Gone are the days of the Xbox One Headset connection as the Elite Controller now uses the standard 3.5mm audio jack. This upgrade makes it universal for any compatible headset.  You can also remap the entire layout using the built-in Xbox One app.

The Xbox One Elite Controller is a phenomenal piece of hardware. It has more added customisation and style than standard Scuff controllers, and is cheaper. I loved how solid and sturdy it is and its a heavy piece of equipment that feels right in your hands. The interchangeable paddles easily attach to configure to your game style and the type of game you are playing. This allows for a seamless gameplay session without taking your fingers off any of the most important buttons.


It’s a pricey investment, but with all its added features and its high-quality design, the controller will knock its competition out of the water. If  I ever want to pick up an advanced controller, I will not even consider Scuff anymore as the Elite Controller is just so much better in every way.

I have yet to have any actual game time with the controller so I cannot comment on that, but we will have more updates on the device closer to its release. You can now pre-order the Xbox One Elite Controller for R2299. The controller is expected to be launched later this month on 27 October 2015.